Thursday, 19 April 2012

Musings - Mama Kats Workshop (19th April 2012)

7 Things your pet thought about today...

This is the writing post I have chosen this week from Mama Kat's Writing Workshop and I admit I have cheated slightly. The prompts I received on Tuesday so after thinking about it I decided to follow our pet around yesterday and snap her in action.

My pet, or rather our furry extended family member is ROHAN. She is a three year old Border Terrier with a loving yet nutty personality. She loves toys, sausages and long walks.

Here are 7 things she thought about...

"Do I really have to get out of bed?"
Rohan loves sleeping in our bed.
We tried at first to get her to sleep downstairs but she howled, so we got her a basket in our room but she simply waits until we are asleep and climbs in with us.

"One day, when Katharine isn't looking, that toy will be mine!"
So far Rohan has ignored Katharine's toys, she has enough of her own to be playing with. But there is something about the way that Roo sits in the cot, taunting her from behind the bars, that really intrigues her. She stops by every morning for a look see.

"I love stretching, I do."
She gets up, she stretches. She sits down, she stretches. She looks out of the window, she stretches. She fills her belly with treats... I think you get the picture.

"I want a treat. If I look cute enough..."
When Rohan was a puppy we taught her many tricks and her favourite is to say please. This is where she sits on her haunches with her front paws in the air. Her expression usually resembles a furry Angel which is about the point when you can't refuse her anything. She uses this trick whenever she wants something, treats being the choice in the photograph.

"What's for tea?"
Rohan's eating habits are not in the least bit dog like. She is as fussy as a three year old child. We have a routine now where we will provide her with food, which she will refuse to eat until we provide her with a sausage. Sigh, if she ever decides she doesn't like sausages I do not know what we'll do.

"No one can hurt you tonight, not on my watch."
Ever the protector, the slightest noise and she is thinking about who might be coming to get her family. All bark and no bite though ha ha but we love her for that.

The place she sleeps, nestled on Daddy's shoulder. There is nothing lovelier than warming yourself against a furry monster as she curls up in a little ball.

So you see, Rohan isn't complicated... she is just a pooch who knows exactly what she wants. :) xx


  1. Pretty sure Dumb Dog covets all of #3's favorite toys too!

  2. Ack, total cuteness! Those thoughts seem to fit the images perfectly!

  3. So fun to read...I'm glad you "cheated"...the photos you captured are priceless!

  4. What a fun post to read - love that you included the pictures. I think all the time about what might be going through my dog's head as our life swirls around her!

  5. oh my goodness,, thanks for sharing! I loved reading this post (and seeing your adorable Rohan). Thanks for visiting me from MK's. I'm so glad I found you, too!


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