Sunday, 22 April 2012

DIARY - 16th April to 22nd April 2012

This week has been about three things… 1. Wishing my working worries away,
2. Falling for Prince Charming, he has a name you know…
3. Reading through September.

Have you ever heard of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? It is a fantastic film from1986 but why I mention it is that it has an amazing quote that goes ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.’ At the moment I feel like this quote is my mantra! I need to figure out a way to slow my weeks down. I might have to watch this best loved classic again for inspiration.

Anyway, this is a diary not a movie trivia segment…

Tuesday my car went into the garage but bizarrely it once again didn’t come away with any of the faults fixing that it went in for. It did get a service though and the power is back in the engine. I love that my unassuming family car can leave everyone for dust at the traffic lights. Ssh, don’t tell my husband… he will pitch a fit if he hears about me boy racing.

Work in general has been a bit strange this week. I feel like I have got a lot finished / accomplished but at the same time I couldn’t really tell you what I have done. I did tidy my stationery drawer so I can now locate my highlighters and mini post-its with ease. Boy am I easy pleased and boy am I easily distracted. By Friday teatime I couldn’t wait to get home. I miss my little girl. :(

Saturday was the usual routine of pub and shopping, we girls do so love our regular lunch sessions. We wandered around with the pram in the sunshine and the rain and the sunshine and the rain… yes the weather was particularly contrary on the 21st. My best friend came for tea and I sent her home with the first eight books of the Conspiracy 365 collection. It means I now have to get a move on reading the final four before she catches me up!

Sunday we went shopping and then to Thomas’s 2nd birthday party were Katharine danced, clapped and jiggled some bells. She had a blast! I love to watch her learning new things and picking them up on the first try. Proud Mum ahoy.

And before I forget, my MOTW this week is someone who hasn’t crossed my path before. Josh Dallas as Prince Charming. He has a very pretty face but I think I am more seduced by the leather outfit and the sword. Ha ha.

My advice for next week… if you are going to the MEN Arena to see NKOTBSB, I will catch you there. :) xx

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