Thursday, 12 April 2012

Musings - Mama Kats Workshop (12th April 2012)

I am joining in Mama Kat's writing workshop this week as I haven't for a while and I promised to make more of an effort.

The prompt I chose this week was 1) What did you want your name to be?

Firstly I would like to start with reasons why I don't feel much like the name I was given...

My name is Stacy and, let's face it, you can't help but have noticed that girls with my name are always the Cheerleader who dies first... usually from a particularly nasty Zombie bite.

My name is Stacy and my name was voted most likely (somewhere) to be a bunny in the Playboy Mansion.

My name is Stacy and if you google that one word and click on the images all you get are semi-naked greased tanned blonde women in very revealing poses.

My name is Stacy and people generally underestimate me because of it.

I have never cheered in formation, other than a Mexican wave, only about 5% of me is prosthetic, I am not a porn star and I am smarter than you might think. Rant rant rant! And I know all you Marmaduke's and MoonUnits out there are thinking 'Really? Stacy? You are moaning about that?'. But being blonde, bubbly and called the S word... I am definitely smarter than you might think, damn it! :)

But my exclamation marks are mostly in jest, it could have been worse and as lately I have had trouble chosing the name of another I can appreciate the effort my parents put into it.

Yet if I remember rightly, during our games of let's pretend as a child, I wanted to be called Tiffani... but if you google that I doubt it is much of an improvement. :) xx


  1. My daughter always picks the name Diamond for new dolls or animals. Imagine THAT. I almost did this one, I mean LISA??? My parents had zero imagination in naming me the year I was born.

  2. I had to laugh at your description! I was named after a song...and while I have often wanted something more romantic than "Linda", I have to admit, after 62 years, it kind of fits! Great post today!

  3. Girl, the only Stacy I know is a roller derby girl. There's nothing cheerleaderish or even remotely tan about her! Own your name. ;)

  4. LOL, I know ALL about being a "Tiffany." I was nameless for a WEEK after my Mom crossed paths with a woman and her newborn as Mom was being admitted for labor/delivery. The baby was VERY ugly and Mom couldn't stomach naming me the same as her. It was Danielle, by the way, which also happens to be my Husband's ex-wife's name. So in that, I was lucky. He claims he never would have made an honest woman out of me if my name had been Danielle.


Go on... say it. :) xx

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