Monday, 5 August 2013

Katharine reading about Katharine

I just had to share this photo of Katharine. She announced she was going to read her book in her room, when we peeped in she was sat turning the pages of Katharine Hepburn's biography.

Love it!  :) XX

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Photo - Cheeky monster...

I asked for a smile and she hid!!! Kids, ha ha. Xx

Friday, 5 July 2013

Photo - My two girls...

I would like to point out that neither of them belong in this bed and have much comfier ones of their own! Tut.  Very adorable though.

Ps. I should of said the three of them, Cuddles has gone in on the bed stealing action.

:) xx

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Snippet - Andrew James, so pretty...

I don't usually buy myself things, well other than books, but this week I purchased a new mixer.

Not just any mixer but an amazing Andrew James shiny red cake mixer, you see at £120 off I couldn't resist!  It is fantastic. Pretty, efficient, stirs with wonder and comes apart for an easy clean.

Since it arrived on Saturday I have been a little addicted to using it and have baked:
- 72 chocolate cupcakes
- 12 lemon tea cupcakes
- 12 ice cream cone cupcakes (visit for an amazing recipe)
- 1 vanilla sponge loaf
- 2 lemon tea loaves
- 3 chocolate sponge loaves
- 6 batches of buttercream

I wouldn't say that baking is my new calling but I am thoroughly enjoying myself. :) xx

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Photo - 2 year review. ..

Katharine had her 2 year review yesterday, the one where kids have to know colours, the basics of completing a jigsaw and other general tasks that mirror development milestones.

And she did great!!! Did everything that was asked of her with a side of Little Miss Bossy to go with it.

So I thought I would blog a little photo to congratulate my special Kaylai for being amazing. We love you to bits short stuff. :) xx

Friday, 24 May 2013

Musings - Eye candy...

It’s that time of year again when my favourite TV shows start to have their current season endings. You know the shows, the ones that have got you through the winter months and entertained you over Easter indulgences. And ALL mine are due to or have just finished which means I am all out of eye candy.

So I have decided to list my working week and let you know what / who I am going to be missing… it’s going to be hard.

(In order by photo and day of the week…)

Arrow – Stephen Amell
The Vampire Diaries – Joseph Morgan
Beauty and the Beast – Jay Ryan
Nashville – Charles Esten
Suits – Gabriel Macht

So looking at them all… who would you miss the most? xx

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Musings - Reasons to be cheerful #R2BC

Reasons to be cheerful. #R2BC

Like the founder of Reasons to be Cheerful I have found this week a bit trying, all trivial things but still enough to keep that frown upside down.
But I did make a pact with myself to be more optimistic, to see the bright side of the dull (even if I have to turn the dull over and over in my hands until I find that glimmer).

So today I have decided to list three things (I am going to stick to the three things again in order not to bore you all to tears) that have vexed me this week but also tell you how I am dealing with it… Little Miss Sunshine style… with a smile and as much cheer I can muster.


1. Everyone I have come into contact with this week has made me feel surplus to requirements, insignificant, the person that can be forgotten and messed about – But from the gloom of being the great overlooked I have written some poetry for the first time since September. I have hardened my heart and taken myself to task about relying on myself to make me happy. I feel bizarrely positive about it.
2. The Kid gave me a cold; snot, cough, aches, foggy head; the lot! – And though I feel wretched, by passing it on to me she is feeling a whole lot better. I figure that makes me a really good mother ha ha. 
3. I weighed myself. I have put on 9 lbs. this month which is both shameful and disgusting but really puzzling – Yet, like being overlooked it has given me the kick start I needed to get back on the healthy eating band wagon. I have set myself a weight loss target for the summer! There is nothing more cheerful than a target to aim for… or rather the reward I have planned for myself if I reach it. I can’t tell you, it’s slightly wicked.

In summary… I guess my main reason to be cheerful this week is that I am not going to let myself be beaten. And as everyone out there knows, sometimes that’s hard.

:) xx

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Observation - Stadium suave...

Something amused me today,  probably more than it should...

I had the opportunity to be at The Shay Stadium, the home of the Shaymen. Now it's no Old Trafford, the stands are aged and half built and the new conference centre is a bit on the dull side.

But then I got in the tiny lift (I had a trolley! I promise I usually walk up a single flight of stairs) to find it completely clad in a golden shiny antique pine. It tickled me that I had swerved around the many pot holes in the car park and eyed scaffolding that was rusted it had been there so many years...

Yet the lift, that would hold 8 people max, has been kitted out for decadence and a dated 1980s style.

Bizarre right?  Or bizarre that I noticed?
Either way it amused me enough to take a photo to share... :) xx

(Location photos from, pine lift my own)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Photo - Smile!!!

I shouted say cheese and cheese she did shout. You gotta love kids. :) xx

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Musings - Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC

I am joining #R2BC for the first time. I have been struggling lately trying to find a way out of a glum slump.

Then I came across Mummy from the Heart and I began reading through her posts, hooked by her optimism and view on life.

So today I have decided to simply, with no long windedness (read my blog I am usually prone to waffle) tell you three reasons I am cheerful:

1. My daughter – who held her arms up to me this morning and said ‘Up – I want you little Mommy’ and it made my heart glow.
2. Inspirational people – those who you know or come across randomly, when you most need it, who put fire back in your belly and give you a reason to laugh at yourself and say get a grip.
3. Shadows – because it means that the sun is shining and to me a little sunshine always means hope.

Want to join in? Just click the button below…

Monday, 6 May 2013

Musings - Bank Holiday Sun...

The sun shone this Bank Holiday weekend.

To some that might seem like an ordinary thing, to have the clouds part and the blue of cornflowers light the sky with optimism.

I come from Yorkshire, this is akin to a mini miracle. And I mention optimism with a ring of truth to it because it does make you feel hopeful. There is nothing like the warmth of the Orb beating down, warming the silk of your hair and the once defeated arch of your spine… there is nothing like that jolt of vitamin on the breeze to make you feel you can reconquer the world.

Or the garden.

Which is what we did… realising three hours later that weeds were in fact our only flora. Garden looking a bit bare, Love?

Oh well at least it’s a great deal tidier. :) xx

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Musings - Book by cover...

They say that you should never judge a book by its cover. They. The ones in the know.

But I cant help it. I am enticed by intriguing art work. Drawn in by a bulging spine. Enraptured by a rear page of less than 100 words. You get the picture...

My latest book purchase is 'The Paradise Trap' by Catherine Jinks. A book about a cavaran with a basement of paradise with only one catch... can you ever leave? 

It only cost me £1 so I know it will be brilliant. And if it isn't, well... I own a book with a rather fetching hot air balloon on its front. :) xx

Friday, 15 March 2013

Musings - Sleeping habits...

I can fall asleep so easily on the sofa that I often don't make it past the opening credits of what ever is unfolding in the television screen.

But get me in bed (steady on!) and I am instantly wide awake. It's ridiculous,  a curse is what it is. I can lay there for hours just listening to the sounds of the house.

Such as the rain on the window, the faulty toilet valve making its sucking-water-in-at-high-pressure sound, the dog dreaming in high pitches... and then you have Snotty and the Warthog competing in my ear.

Sure they look cute now but at 2:06am they are merely the devil and his snorting offspring. So my plan for tonight is to fall asleep on the mulled wine coloured leather and stay there. Too right!

Stiff neck in the morning be damned! :) xx

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Snippet - New phone. ..

What are the things you consider when choosing a new phone?

Actually let me take you a step back...

This week I was able to upgrade my mobile phone. I am the worst at making decisions about technology but one thing I did know was that I didn't want the new iphone 5. I can't really tell you why but I just suddenly realised I was bored of my current 4 version and wanted a change.

But to what?

I started to consider what I used my mobile phone for and came up with a top four:
Researching on the Internet,
Listening to music,
Taking photographs,
Liaising amongst the world of social media.

In fact using my phone as an actual calling device was at the bottom of the list, I only ever dial in my car at which point I use the parrot facility.

So I had a look around and, with a little friendly guidance, I was pointed in the direction of Samsung. Which was when I clapped eyes on the Galaxy Note 2 and I fell in love.

It had the freedom from apple with regards to music, one of the top mobile cameras on the market, a google interface perfect for the Internet and a screen so large and enticing that blogging is a dream.

So I bought one. I am using it now.


Ps. The photo is an example if the great camera and of course my lovely daughter.  X

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Musings - The things kids say...

This week Katharine has been all about playing with her peeps. She sets out the village, has a chat with the vicar and manoeuvres the apples in the back of the cart.

I caught her also playing with her hair bobbles and said 'Aw are you doing you peeps hair?'

To which she replied, like I was a complete idiot, 'No Mummy, Scarves!'.

Okay, so I see it now. :) xx

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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Musings - Me 2013...

This is me... 2013 me.

I guess I am more decisive,
I bit more feisty,
Somewhat lacking in control,
Obsessive and compulsive,
I shrug and smile a lot,
Avoid a lot,
I have moments of greatness,
A full heart potentially broken,
I am open to the future,
I want security,
I have a new determination,
A new level of procrastination,
I am nothing if not contrary...

I am a woman staring into the abyss of passing 30s and thinking... Oh eff it. Why not. ;) xx

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Snippet - Remember me?

I would like to be all dramatic and say that I have become a stranger in my own life, my own memoirs have become a forgotten list of whimsy.

But me, be dramatic? Surely not!

What I am saying is I think I'm back... You might be hearing from me once again.

I think. ;) xx

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