Friday, 15 March 2013

Musings - Sleeping habits...

I can fall asleep so easily on the sofa that I often don't make it past the opening credits of what ever is unfolding in the television screen.

But get me in bed (steady on!) and I am instantly wide awake. It's ridiculous,  a curse is what it is. I can lay there for hours just listening to the sounds of the house.

Such as the rain on the window, the faulty toilet valve making its sucking-water-in-at-high-pressure sound, the dog dreaming in high pitches... and then you have Snotty and the Warthog competing in my ear.

Sure they look cute now but at 2:06am they are merely the devil and his snorting offspring. So my plan for tonight is to fall asleep on the mulled wine coloured leather and stay there. Too right!

Stiff neck in the morning be damned! :) xx

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