Who? Me?

Hiya All.

This is me on the right... blonde, glasses, ready smile. I used to be one of life's ever optimistic; now I am eternally bemused.

My blog started out as something to mess about with when trying to avoid doing my course work. It soon turned into a place I could visit, unload and spend time finding out about myself.

While the topics of my blog are very rarely constant I at least try to keep some sense of order. Every post on this blog gets segmented; this is how it goes...

Diary – this is a weekly entry tracking my life and the things that have made the most impression.

Lyrics - Other peoples words that hit a chord in my heart.

Musings – thoughts, feelings and happenings that I want to share but which are not necessarily lengthy, more thoughtful.

Observations – conversations I have had or heard that have stuck with me for what ever reason.

Photos – visual encounters of my life, loves, labours and laughter.

Poetry – my pathetic but heart felt attempts to put my soul on paper. Probably the most telling posts of all.

Questions – these are questions that I would love an answer to but would never have the courage to ask out loud.

Reviews - my opinions on films, television, books, music and the like to either recommend or dissuade to others.

Snippets – my would be columns or overly wordy snippets

Zen – I am always amused by the shuffle function of my Creative Zen (old school IPod) and as this is often the soundtrack of my life I like to share it.

If you do spare a few moments to read my blog I would love your feedback.

Let me have a link to your blog and, who knows, I might visit you from time to time.


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