Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Photo - Pumpkin practice...

My offerings for Halloween...

A natural talent I think. :) xx

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Musings - Mama Kat's Workshop (18th October 2012)

This week has asked us to finish this statement:

Someday I am going to…

Now I remember saying that when I was a little girl…‘Someday’. The term always held such possibilities; as if saying the word out loud was casting a wish.

Picture it… Someone, somewhere in the wish granting world sat watching a giant cinema screen of life when suddenly alarms rage and lights flash as ‘someday’ is spoken with that raised inflection that hints at the na├»ve enthusiasm of optimism.

Now wipe that picture from your mind… no one is watching! Sigh. How do you know this for sure, you ask? Let me list a few of my somedays…
Someday I am going to (remember I rarely take anything seriously)…
· Marry Ethan Hawke as he was in White Fang
· Be a teacher or at least have something to teach
· Get myself a non-Yorkshire accent
· Travel to the USA in the hunt of giant pancakes
· Write a movie / book / play / anything!
· Time travel and tell Jane Austen to give old Darcy a back bone
· Be rich and famous(ish)
· Be sought for my opinion
· Win a movie trivia competition
· Have longer legs
· Live in a big house with pillars and a circle drive
· Be desirable (not just for the longer legs)
· Mend my broken heart
· Speak several different languages
· Have the (metaphorical) balls to go after and get what I want!

And so on and so forth. Now I could list the somedays that did get granted but then I would have to start this post all over again. And I am strapped for time… mostly due to having work to do and a house to run because Ethan chose someone else and I still haven’t gotten over it ha ha.

But I admit I did get my family and my Katharine and I am moderately intelligent with a side of hilarity.

But someday… I promise you… SOMEDAY I AM GOING TO catch hold of my dream, whatever I decide it to be, and dream it. Out loud. :) xx

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Musings - Clearing out...

I need to do a spring clean.
I know its half way through October but an Autumn clean just doesn’t have that same enthusiastic ring to it.
I have boxes full of items that need to be passed on. Things that still have a great deal of usefulness to them… just not necessarily useful to me.

Books, baby clothes, baby toys, my clothes, DVDs, winter coats, shoes… I could go on but I am starting to scare myself.

The extradition of my horde comes with questions:
Where to start?
When to put sentimentality to one side?
Where to send the stuff?
Will I just fill the empty spaces with more things that in a few years time I will be wanting to be rid of?
Where do I put the kid and the dog while I am sorting?

Again I could go on but I am scaring myself further.
I think the main issue is that I am fed up of living in a jumble sale and shamefully becoming oblivious to said jumble. And Christmas is fast approaching which ultimately comes with a new set of mess to home.

I guess if flowers can still be starting to bloom in the Halloween month I will just have to take advantage of the muddled seasons and get my sort on. Ebay, here I come. :) xx

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Photo - My little Supergirl...

It's the devilment in her eyes I love...

:) xx

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