Thursday, 18 October 2012

Musings - Mama Kat's Workshop (18th October 2012)

This week has asked us to finish this statement:

Someday I am going to…

Now I remember saying that when I was a little girl…‘Someday’. The term always held such possibilities; as if saying the word out loud was casting a wish.

Picture it… Someone, somewhere in the wish granting world sat watching a giant cinema screen of life when suddenly alarms rage and lights flash as ‘someday’ is spoken with that raised inflection that hints at the naïve enthusiasm of optimism.

Now wipe that picture from your mind… no one is watching! Sigh. How do you know this for sure, you ask? Let me list a few of my somedays…
Someday I am going to (remember I rarely take anything seriously)…
· Marry Ethan Hawke as he was in White Fang
· Be a teacher or at least have something to teach
· Get myself a non-Yorkshire accent
· Travel to the USA in the hunt of giant pancakes
· Write a movie / book / play / anything!
· Time travel and tell Jane Austen to give old Darcy a back bone
· Be rich and famous(ish)
· Be sought for my opinion
· Win a movie trivia competition
· Have longer legs
· Live in a big house with pillars and a circle drive
· Be desirable (not just for the longer legs)
· Mend my broken heart
· Speak several different languages
· Have the (metaphorical) balls to go after and get what I want!

And so on and so forth. Now I could list the somedays that did get granted but then I would have to start this post all over again. And I am strapped for time… mostly due to having work to do and a house to run because Ethan chose someone else and I still haven’t gotten over it ha ha.

But I admit I did get my family and my Katharine and I am moderately intelligent with a side of hilarity.

But someday… I promise you… SOMEDAY I AM GOING TO catch hold of my dream, whatever I decide it to be, and dream it. Out loud. :) xx

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  1. The word 'someday' does have all sorts of possibilities, doesn't it? It is like a wish! I probably had a few that didn't come true, too, but the 'somedays' that did come true were pretty great!

  2. I'm still trying to hold on to my optimism. Grab that someday wish by the balls and get it for yourself! (Just not the Ethan Hawke part because time has taught us he's a cheater and who needs that?)


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