Thursday, 31 January 2013

Musings - Me 2013...

This is me... 2013 me.

I guess I am more decisive,
I bit more feisty,
Somewhat lacking in control,
Obsessive and compulsive,
I shrug and smile a lot,
Avoid a lot,
I have moments of greatness,
A full heart potentially broken,
I am open to the future,
I want security,
I have a new determination,
A new level of procrastination,
I am nothing if not contrary...

I am a woman staring into the abyss of passing 30s and thinking... Oh eff it. Why not. ;) xx

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Snippet - Remember me?

I would like to be all dramatic and say that I have become a stranger in my own life, my own memoirs have become a forgotten list of whimsy.

But me, be dramatic? Surely not!

What I am saying is I think I'm back... You might be hearing from me once again.

I think. ;) xx

- Posted with the i rather than the net...
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