Thursday, 9 May 2013

Musings - Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC

I am joining #R2BC for the first time. I have been struggling lately trying to find a way out of a glum slump.

Then I came across Mummy from the Heart and I began reading through her posts, hooked by her optimism and view on life.

So today I have decided to simply, with no long windedness (read my blog I am usually prone to waffle) tell you three reasons I am cheerful:

1. My daughter – who held her arms up to me this morning and said ‘Up – I want you little Mommy’ and it made my heart glow.
2. Inspirational people – those who you know or come across randomly, when you most need it, who put fire back in your belly and give you a reason to laugh at yourself and say get a grip.
3. Shadows – because it means that the sun is shining and to me a little sunshine always means hope.

Want to join in? Just click the button below…


  1. Awww great list. It's lovely to link up her when your feeling a bit down, it makes you focus on the good things.

  2. I love no.3, what a great way to look at things x

  3. Welcome to R2BC. Lovely post hun x x x

  4. What perfect reasons, I love them. Glad to have helped you step out of the gum, even if only for a bit. Mich x


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