Sunday, 15 April 2012

DIARY - 9th April to 15th April 2012

This week has been about three things…
1. Having no clue what I have done with my time,
2. Finding that the house has more toys in it than anything else,
3. Turning 90, him not me.

So Monday was Bank Holiday and spent still visiting in Stafford and then travelling home. But as for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I can not recall a thing. It is almost like those days did not exist but they had to have… because while I might be quite fanciful, the world just isn’t.

I remember going to my slimming class, but let us not talk about that. I remember finding out that I am once again moving offices, and I feel a rant coming on every time I think about it. And I remember watching The Vampire Diaries… so some things occurred if not that overly exciting. Sorry Ian Somerhalder, Matthew Davis outshone you this week.

Following Katharine’s birthday, our house is littered with toys. They have found their way into every room, are under foot, hidden in handbags and are so obtrusive in their sounds, size and silliness that I feel like I will get buried under the lot and never be found again. She will have to wait until next year before she gets anything else! And then it will be a single book which she can sit and read quietly.

Friday was my Step-Granddad’s 90th birthday party. It was held at the local YMCA which was always going to be entertaining. The drinks didn’t cost a fortune, the buffet was delicious and music, which was clearly aimed at my folks generation, was toe tapping. I even got Katharine on the dance floor for a boogie. I can’t wait until she is old enough to really take a turn with me. We will be swinging and grooving the night away.

The weekend has been full of vegetating, eating too much food and trying to shake off the melancholy. I think it has been a week of post Easter Holiday blues. But I need to get my moxi back as it is now only nine sleeps until I see NKOTB live in Manchester!!!!

My advice for next week… get your head in the game folks, we only live once!

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