Sunday, 1 April 2012

DIARY - 26th March 2012 to 1st April 2012

This week has been about three things…
1. Logging my dreams and realising I have ‘issues’,
2. Training my brain into oblivion,
3. Finding out the guy I liked twelve years ago liked me back and I never knew!

At the beginning of the week I downloaded an app to log my dreams; needless to say I put a password on it! I don’t want everyone knowing the inner most bizarre workings of my mind. As dreams go there seems to be a theme this week of absent friends and things that could have been but aren’t. Cryptic? Woohoo, I think I have my groove back. :)

Tuesday I got another slimming award. Slow and steady it might be but I have lost 23lbs in twelve weeks. I feel so proud of myself. I have a bit of a way to go but I am getting there. I have set my goal for December, I am determined to wear a pretty dress for my friends wedding.

The next few days involved programme training that completely pickled my brain and trying to schedule my way around forty tasks to get done… that didn’t much help the pickling situation either. The use of the above programme will make my life easier at some point, I just need to remember what I was taught and then insert a little enthusiasm.

I was never so happy to see the weekend arrive!

Saturday involved a trip to the local town of Huddersfield where shopping and a three hour lunch took place. There is nothing like a bottle of wine and a cheeky cocktail to bring out the secrets and the heartfelt chatter. We, my best friend and I, are such a pair of women ha ha!

And then there was today. Sunday being the day of rest we took no notice and went for a jolly good walk around the local reservoir. Both child and dog are wiped out from all the fresh air which is making for a very peaceful evening.

My advice for next week… if you know you have a cake to bake and can’t bake cakes… practice. :) xx

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