Sunday, 29 April 2012

DIARY - 23rd April to 29th April 2012

This week has been about three things…
1. April showers that turned drought into flood,
2. Fulfilling a dream that has lasted over twenty years,
3. Feeling an evil mother for doing something good.

I am typing this while we watch ‘War Horse’. I am trying not to give the film my full attention as I know that if I do I will be sobbing my heart out by the end…

This week I have never known such a vast amount of rain to fall in such a short space of time. A good portion of the UK has been in drought for the last few weeks but that has switched to flood warnings. I have been caught in the slashing, biting, whipping force of it so many times since Wednesday that no matter how hot I turn the shower I am now living with a chill in my bones. And I am constantly whining about it ha ha.

Tuesday was a momentous day! As a young girl I loved New Kids on the Block and as a teenager I loved The Backstreet Boys and on Tuesday night, at the MEN Arena in Manchester, I got to see them both perform together. NKOTBSB as they are currently calling themselves were so shockingly amazing that I couldn’t possibly wax enough lyrical about it. Sure they looked aged and their outfits and dance moves were decidedly 1994 but that was what made the show so amazing! I shot a video of almost every song and have watched them over and over again since. Donnie Wahlberg even propelled himself into MOTW status; I would like to say it had nothing to do with him ripping off his shirt but…

When I returned back across the border to Yorkshire on Wednesday it was to take Katharine for her latest batch of immunisations. I made sure her Daddy came with us; he got to be the one who pinned her down while the evil nurse did the jabbing. My daughter is a trooper though, she only cried for a moment and all was forgotten by the time we reached home and she had a Rohan to play with.

The rest of the working week saw me once again at work but I managed to get through the days with a lack of drama and without falling asleep despite being absolutely knackered. How is it that missing out on just a few hours of sleep can make you feel so wretched?

And the weekend has been slightly different from the normal format. My friend had her folks up to visit so we had lunch with them but came home for an evening with out her. It felt strange not to have a visitor for Saturday night tea time. We fell asleep on the sofa at a stupidly early hour. Sunday has been the usual chores and then War House. I have shed a tear already… damn you Steven Spielberg!

My advice for next week… carry an umbrella!

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