Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Musings - We are addicted me thinks...

Me and (now) the husband are big film fans. We love all genres and a wide variety of actors and can honestly say that it is the experience of watching a film rather than the film itself that we often look forward to. Our DVD collection hints widely that we are addicted...

Across the top of the TV there are approximately 70 DVDs
and over 100 down the right hand side.

We have two crates holding approximately 300 DVDs in each.

These are our TV box sets ranging from Angel and Buffy to The shield.

But you might be thinking that everyone can have a collection but do you actually watch the films?

Well... this week alone we have watched:
- Fair game
- No Strings Attached
- I am Number 4
- True Grit
- Paul
- Tangled
- Saving Private Ryan
- Gnomeo and Juliet
- X Men: First Class (Cinema)
- The Day The Earth Stood Still
- A Cinderella Story
- Shooter
- How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
- Finding Forrester
- Labyrinth

And I have still had time to indulge my love of E4, raise my daughter, be a house wife and read two and a half books. Impressed? Ha ha. :) xx

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