Friday, 24 June 2011

Musings - The Unit...

You will probably agree that it is often hard to get the entire family unit on to one photograph. A vital member is always behind the camera and if you do try and do the self portrait at arms length kind someone is always missing a head. It is therefore left to special occasions to provide the opportunity for a grinning group picture.

But again there can be issues.

At Christmas everyone is bloated from ridiculous amounts of food, birthdays have too many tantrums and weddings always have a drunken relative lurking in the background. Ooh the wonders of digital cameras and imaging software.

Despite all odds, my ability to smile like a manic criminal being one of them, my Father was able to take this photograph at my Brother's recent wedding.

Me, the Mr and the Little Miss all dressed up in our finery. It is such a lovely picture that I can't wait to have a large copy in a frame in the living room.

The only thing missing was Rohan but the day would have been a WHOLE lot different with a terrible terrier on the loose ha ha, the random children were bad enough. :)

You know, I might even make it my desktop background.

For the record I didn't have to do any improvements via photo shop, we all looked this good first try. .. admittedly the woman to my left dramatically pitching herself in to the bushes is on the metaphorical cutting room floor. :) xx

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