Thursday, 9 June 2011

Musings - Mama Kat's Workshop (9th June 2010)

Last week you chose a 6 word memoir to share…this week elaborate. Tell us the story or thought process behind the sentence you wrote.

Pour me a pint, good man!

I had so many six word memoirs for last weeks writing prompt that in the end rather than chose one I picked a different prompt altogether. This week I am resurrecting my favourite six word memoir:

Pour me a pint, good man!

I wrote this sentence at the time for many reasons:

1. I am currently a lady of leisure, sort of, while I am on Maternity leave so could indulge in an afternoon pint, sort of, if I didn't have the offspring to supervise.
2. It was a beautiful summer day which instantly inspires the taste buds to crave a cool larger. 
3. Having been recently pregnant I haven't had an alcoholic drink in soooooooo long.
4. I was watching a film set in the 1940s where everyone it seems had a 'good man'.
5. The rest of my sentences seemed either too heartfelt, whimsical or just plain old predictable.
6. There was a bottle of Stella, from Christmas, lurking in the fridge which I spotted when grabbing some cheese.
7. By the time I had done all that thinking...

I needed one!

Still haven't had one though, darn it.

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. When you finally have that pint, call me; I could use something nice and frosty!

    Enjoyed your post!

  2. Too bad you can't have a pint on maternity leave that would be perfect. ;)

  3. Oh, have your pint already--you deserve it. It will make me feel less guilty about the two pints of cider I enjoyed the other night at our local English pub.



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