Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Musings - Knot tying...

On Saturday 11th of June my big brother got married.

I am nine years younger and beat him to the alter by five but I think that Kat (new Mrs) is well worth the wait. That is her in the beautiful Cherise dress and by process of elimination that is the Bro on the left.

The weather was fantastic; which was a good thing, as due to some form of event the streets of Northampton were closed meaning that we had to walk from a random car park to the registry office. It also meant that any photographs taken looked bright and happy and a good start to a new phase in their relationship.

The bridesmaids, three of them, wore varying shades of pink to compliment the bride's gown and coordinate with the cravats and details of the gentlemen's outfits. I wore my lovely ugly dress of varying colours, which I will be showing photos of soon. Isn't it always the case that the one taking the photos never actually ends up on any of them, ha ha, so I am going to have to raid my father's memory card.

Katharine wore a lilac polka dot ensemble topped with a bemused expression. She was an absolute star the whole weekend. :) No tantrums, slept through the service and even managed to catch some more zzzzzs during the disco.

If she could speak she would wish her Uncle Tim and new Auntie Kat lots of love and happiness but in the mean time I will have to do it instead.

So here it is.. big love, big hugs, big happiness... :) xx

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