Monday, 13 June 2011

Musings (and photo) - Wowser...

So I have been sorting out some photographs so that I can start an album for Katharine. I love digital cameras and all but we never end up printing of the photos, they just live on the hard drive. I decided that Katharine would have an album of all her pictures (there are soooooooo many already), that way we can show her how she came in to the world and, hmm, the silly outfits we put her in before she could tell us no.

Anyway, I found this one!

It was taken on the 3rd of April, the day before I was induced and the few days before Katharine arrived on the 6th.

I was huge!!!!!!!

I don't think I was able to fully appreciate the size of that bump until I was able to look back and reflect.

Like now, as I type and look at it, I can not believe that my body was able to stretch like that. In fact to build a human being at all.

But mostly I look at it and think...

How the heck did I not topple over?!

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