Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Photo - Inking it up at LSINK

Over the weekend I went to a Tattoo Convention in Leeds, LSINK it was called. I will detail more information about the escapades in my diary this week but in the meantime I thought I might add a couple of photographs that I took on the day.

My sister in law was the only one out of our little group to get ink done on the day. She decided to have a previous tattoo, one she hated, redone with something better. Covering up though means going bigger and darker.

Here are some photos of what she had done.

This is my sister in law, dreads (currently purple and pink) and the spitting image of her twin… my husband.

This is her with the tattooist. A man from the LAB13 studio in Sheffield.

This is the tattoo… not yet finished, many more hours of work to be done, but coming along nicely.


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