Sunday, 23 May 2010

Diary - May 14th to 20th 2010

Diary – 14th to 20th May

This diary entry is my 100th post. Never thought I would keep this blog up long enough but slightly, and may be oddly, proud that I have.

So anyway…

This week has been about three things…
1. Getting used to the settling in nerves,
2. Turning back the clock and jiving with The Andrews Sisters,
3. Having a vivid dream every night of the week and not wanted to look too deeply into any of them.

I added some pictures earlier in the week but this is where I get to tell you about 1940s at Haworth. I love it; it’s the geek in me that feels humbled and happy to be joining in with the ridiculous. Haworth, the village, has a yearly schedule of strange little happening which you will no doubt read about here as the year goes by. 1940s is my favourite as, let’s admit it, who doesn’t love a man in uniform. The amount of people joining in is amazing as is the high level of memorabilia that people bring for the weekend. Tanks, land rovers, rations, newspapers, singing, dancing, a visit from a Winston Churchill, Brass Bands, bagpipes and even a flyover from a Hurricane. This years celebrations, like the ones before it, did not disappoint.

Old men smiled as memories flowed and young men listened intently knowing that in a few more years these memories will be legendary tales once heard but now through the cruelty of age forced to be spoken only by the next generation. Will Britain, now only ever be glorious in remembrance?

Sunday was a day of vegetation, which involved a Sunday roast at my parent’s house, followed by far too many sweets and a rerun of Baby Boom. I always feel that Sunday should be family day and once I have children I intend to fully instate it. Until they hit teenage years of course, I remember myself what a bind it was when there was a boy to be chasing and adventures to be had. Oh the memories, ha ha.

I watched two films of note this week. The first was ‘All About Steve’, a silly instalment from Sandra Bullock which was exceptionally good fun despite the storyline being amusingly ridiculous. The other was ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and unfortunately I fell asleep so I can’t really tell you much about it; other than Robert Downey Jr has been working out and I still cant stand Jude Law no matter what role he is playing. I will have my prejudices, alas.

I finally got to see pictures of the baby that my first love had, or rather his girlfriend had, he might be a doctor but I don’t think he is involved with any scientific miracles just yet. And he is adorable, much like his father. He will make the pair of them proud and I wish their family unit well.

Other than that the week flew by in dull fashion. The nerves are kicking in about the twenty-eighth!

Next week… it’s going to be scorching so I envisage a layer of Factor 30.

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