Sunday, 2 May 2010

Diary - April 23rd to 29th 2010

Diary – 23rd to 29th Apr

This week has been about three things…
1. Knights and Dragons and all that jazz,
2. Another addition arriving and wow his hands are big,
3. Stress.

As I mentioned last week I was ‘forced’ to move desks on Friday. I boxed up my things, again, and made an effort to be positive about moving to a desk with such a tiny amount of space around it that, which ever way I turn in my chair, I hit my arm / knee / head on something. It will be nice to have more people to talk to but at the same time I will miss my morning ritual of Sassy Curmudgeon and Heatworld. I will also miss the window and that certain person I could lock eyes on through it. The boss that I also got, the NASA one, left after three days. Shocker. Sarcasm.

I forgot to mention last week that I sent an email to the author Ian Sansom, enquiring about whether or not he was planning to publish more novels in his Mobile Library series. I never expected a reply, it was fun just to send it, but Friday morning I checked my emails and he had replied! A lovely reply too! With my email I had ‘made his day’ and because of it if I ever found myself in Belfast he ‘owed me a pint of Guinness’. This email amused me for days and as my week was horrific it has been my life line.

Saturday again saw my new ritual of Sun, coffee and a book. It also saw me with a hair cut and an amused expression as I came across the St. George’s Fun Day. I have posted photographs earlier in my blog. It was all a bit naff but fun all that same. I swear my town gets more like Stars Hollow as the years go by. Or maybe as the time goes by I, with increased age and amusement, view everything in a whole new cynically bemused light?

My bridesmaid, Rachel, had her little boy this week (24th) and they have decided to call him Thomas. No middle name, always a shame really but their choice I suppose. He was a dinky 5lbs 11oz so not so much the chubba after all. I have seen a couple of photographs so far, not the boy in the flesh, and he looks very cute and very quiet with the biggest hands I have ever seen on a new born. He’ll grow into them I’m sure… either that or he is destined to play Piano. I will report back when I have first hand knowledge of our latest boy. I was thinking about it actually; out of my group of friends and our siblings we have so far produced four offspring and they are all boys! Louis, Oscar, George and Thomas. I figure it is up to me and Samantha (Sam) to level it out with a couple of chicks.

I also had my first exam for my technical certificate and it was a lot harder than I had expected. Forty multiple choice questions which sounds easy but when each question has two answers that are perfect it gets a little difficult. I should get my results next week, I honestly have no idea how it went. Usually I know but not this time; plus I had forgotten to wear my lucky socks so that is making me nervous to start with ha ha.

The theme of this week has been ‘Stacy is a Pawn lets mess her about’ but I am still too upset / tired / bewildered to talk about it fully. Let me just say I am not impressed.

Next week… actually I daren’t even think about next week, how awful is that? :(

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