Sunday, 9 May 2010

Musing - Beating the Recession

We are in a recession and it’s not just the UK, the whole world is feeling that straits are dire.

Companies both local and far are being forced to advertise and cold call hundreds in the hope of getting just one job, sale or contract.

The amount of calls, leaflets and random knocks on the door to my own house have increased and while I know they have no other option, and I feel their plight, I still feel that little bit irritated. I am in recession too… I don’t have the spare funds to be funding others.

And of course I then feel guilty for feeling irritated and then I feel confused at it all.

Recession it would seem hits the sense of humour as well as the wallet.

Then this week I received a leaflet, a business card of such stuck under my car windscreen wiper, that made me chuckle.

I never considered that a clairvoyant might need a little help to reel in the clients; especially not one that is so ‘world renowned’. I suppose I thought his spiritual guides would be feeding him racing tips or at the very least he would have anticipated the market crash and kept his money in his shoe box (the one passed down from generation to generation) under his bed.

When you read his card you can see how multi-talented he is, how many problems he can solve but strangely… not his own.


As impressed as I am by his card, I don’t think I will be ringing but then I guess he will already know that.

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