Saturday, 8 May 2010

Diary - April 30th to May 6th 2010

Diary – 30th Apr to 6th May

This week has been about three things…
1. Being chewed, spat and stomped on – resulting in a bad back,
2. Working the entire three day weekend,
3. Whoop whoop getting my exams results.

People find it really easy to be evil to me. I don’t know why. Okay it’s most likely because I am easy going and generally even tempered and they figure that I will just shrug my shoulders and let them get away with it. Mostly I do, usually because I don’t care enough to bother. Friday I was spoken to and treated so appallingly by someone senior to me that I was left reeling for days. The conclusion is that I am no longer going to be a push over, a ranting board or a vent for anger brought on by someone else. I am going to say, ‘Oi, Back Off!’ and point a finger as I speak. Yeah! Strength here I come. Admittedly if it is the same senior person mentioned above I might still be quaking so don’t expect too much Boudicca yet.

As a, no doubt, result of all the tension of Friday I developed a bad back. The pain and stiffness was akin to having a pole stuck up my arse. Sitting made me look ninety, as did rising, and sleeping was a lack lustre affair as every time I turned I woke in agony. In the end I got out the Radox and soaked for an hour in the bath. Getting in and out was not a pretty or speedy mission but it worked wonders. It also gave me time to cultivate a steamy shower scene for two characters I am working on. It took me about five days to feel like I could stand for more that fifteen minutes without personifying the Tin Man but I am in working order again. Phew. I suppose I didn’t really need to tell you my bad back story but this week has been so sloooooow I needed some filler.

In fact this week has just been so ridiculously dull I am going to bullet it:
- Had lunch with a friend who moaned for the whole time we were together
- I went to Ikea with the folks so they could get some plates
- I vegetated while working out retention and achievement statistics
- I got a new boss to replace the other new boss that lasted three days (bets are on)
- Watched Avatar
- Got up at four on Tuesday to take the husband to work
- Watched Blind Dating with Chris Pine
- I did my presentation again. HE was there, looking right at me, I wish I could read his mind. Grrr.
- Looked for a new living room carpet
- Ate too much crap

I did get my exam results back from last week and I passed with flying colours. Distinction in fact. Next exam on the 13th of May but as this is open book I am not as stressed about it.

And that’s it. I did warn you.

Next week.,, I go to a Tattoo Convention about which I am slightly scared.

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