Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Musings (okay and Photo) - Howarth 1940s Weekend (15th June 2010)

This weekend I went to the annual 1940s Weekend which takes place in Haworth, the home of the Brontes, a town only 12 miles from my own. This is a celebration that takes place encouraging people to dress in costume, bring along their memorabilia, sing, dance and generally have an excellent time.

Here are just a couple of photographs that I took on the Saturday.

An excellent sign - getting into the spirit of things.

The Main Street (left) showing the amount of people joining in and two Ladies in Costume (right)

An 'American' soldier and his 1940s(ish) attired pooch and 'Guarding the Town'

An excellent example of how much fun we had on the day.

The weekend also included Dance', Winston Churchill's infamous speech, ration packs, The Andrews Sisters and a Hurricane Fly Over. It is humbling how much everyone joins in and recognises the efforts made by our troops both then and now.

There was even a real wedding complete with 1940s costumes and a reception consisting only of rations and love.

I found out on Monday that it is possible to rent costumes on the day from the Bronte Parsonage, where you can also get your hair and make up done to look the part.

Next year... next year I am going to jump right into the mix and finally have the courage to pull on my uniform. :)

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