Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Musings - Day time TV...

I love my house. It has its foibles, its leaks and its typically Yorkshire set out... but when it's silent, well, it's eerie. It creaks and moans, you can hear the neighbours, sometimes the traffic but it is usually worse when you hear nothing at all. The worse thing is 110 years of history speaking silently at you through the uneven walls and narrow servant-like staircase.

So in order to avoid the eerie, and not because I am now a temporary stay at home Mum, I have taken to having the television on. And yes, day time TV is appalling. But then I came across E4 with a morning schedule that allowed me to pay little attention but at the same time not annoy me with its background buzz.

So once the husband has left for work here is what Mother, Daughter and Pooch have to watch....

8:00 - Wildfire - a strange little programme about young people, horses and tangled story lines that while tangled are so easy to follow it is almost comical.
9:00 - One Tree Hill - Basketball and babes, apparently.
9:55 - Friends - Classic old school with all the gang, currently showing the last series (I think).
10:20 - Gilmore Girls - Whoop whoop. The very show our daughter was named after. Lorelai and Luke are currently shaky while the usual craziness is going on around them.
11:20 - Desperate Housewives - Really? This is American Suburbia? How ridiculous yet... addictive!

Then at noon everything starts to repeat itself. This is when I start to introduce the 5 week old, impressionable Chicky, to the world of our DVD collection.

That however is a whole other post... :) xx

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