Monday, 16 May 2011

Burped - And we're off...

Before I start I would like to clarify that location wise Katharine's Kitchen is actually me propped up with cushions, baby on my lap, in the master bedroom bed. I do have a lovely rocking chair in the nursery bought specially for feeding but with Katharine still being Moses basket bound in our room it's easier just to flop on the bed. Besides, this special chair is so comfy that the pair of us tend to fall asleep and while the lovely carpet is cushiony under foot I don't think there is enough padding to bounce the baby when she hits the deck after my arms go slack.

So master bed it is with husband and pooch snoring beside us. It's warmer anyway with my feet under the covers and my iPhone in my spare hand. :)

Tomorrow I am back in the hospital but only for the morning and only for my glucose test. I am a little nervous about finding out if my gestational diabetes has stayed with me postnatal but as there are worse things to be saddled with in life I just need to suck it up. I have arranged for the youngsters to go to Grandma's where I will join them for the day when I'm done.

Quite a dull first segment, I guess, but I did need to break myself in gently. I will think of something better to say next time... Hey, I might even tell you about Fast and Furious 5 which we saw yesterday. Yes, a review it will be.

Now its time to try and finish the bottle, burp and get the heck back to sleep.

Catch ya later. Xx

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Location:Katharine's Kitchen

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