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Book Challenge: Book 4 of 30 - Book That Makes Me Cry...

Book 4: Book That Makes Me Cry

I loved to read as a child and I guess my passion for turning pages grow along side my bones. I would read everything and anything though it was only once I hit twelve that I started to read heavier themed stories such as Point Horror, Judy Blume and the book I am going to detail below. I remember reading it and feeling the depth of its unfairness, the hope, the love and ultimately the pain of its conclusion. It touched me and as a young reader it was my first foray into a book that actually brought tears to my eyes.

'The Boy In The Bubble' By Ian Strachan.

Description (courtesy of
Adam was born with a severe immune deficiency and he has lived most of his 15 years in an oxygen tent. Anne is forced to visit him with the rest of her class and chooses him as the subject of her school project - though she doesn't really know why.

(Unfortunately I was unable to find a lengthy description of the story but then it would be better to read it yourselves anyway to truly appreciate how great it is).

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  1. I always remember watching John Travolta in the TV movie version of that book.


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