Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Musings - What do your series records say about you...

I was looking through our Virgin Plus box this morning and it occurred to me that our new daughter will one day be asking for her favourite TV programmes to be recorded. It got me thinking about what sort of things she will be interested in and in turn what she will think of my husband and myself.

So I decided to have a look at our series records and here is what I found...

- Glee / Spartacus, Gods of the Arena

- Extraordinary Dogs / Cougar Town / CSI: Crime Scene Investigation / Vampire Diaries / The Biggest Loser USA

- Bones / Justified

- American Idol / Glory Days / Celebrity Juice

- Ice Road Truckers / American Idol Results

- CSI New York

- No Ordinary Family / Hawaii Five-O

...I fear Katharine is going to be of the opinion that her parents are geeks, ha ha. :)

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