Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Book Challenge: Book 3 of 30 - Book That Makes Me Laugh...

Book 3: Book That Makes Me Laugh Out Loud

There are books that are hysterically funny, books that are filled with obvious and side splitting jokes but to make me laugh a book must be humorously witty in an unassuming yet page turning way. The book that makes me laugh, I am convinced, only works because of the talent and personality of the author who is an author that has promised me a pint of Guinness should I ever find myself in Belfast.

‘The Case of the Missing Books’ By Ian Sansom

Description (courtesy of Play.com):
Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse meets the no. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency in the first of a series of novels from the author of the critically acclaimed "Ring Road". Introducing Israel Armstrong, one of literature's most unlikely detectives. Israel, a shy, passionate, intelligent, Jewish vegetarian has just arrived in Ireland to take up his first post as a librarian. But the library's been shut down and Israel ends up stranded on the North Antrim coast driving an old mobile library van. There's a lot of nice scenery, but about 15,000 fewer books than there should be. Who steals that many books? How? When would they have time to read them all? And is there anywhere in this godforsaken place where he can get a proper cappuccino and a decent newspaper? Israel wants answers ! Smart, funny and heart-warming, with a cast of brilliantly quirky characters, "The Mobile Library" is the first adventure of a reluctant hero to cherish.

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