Friday, 8 January 2010

Snippet - A Good Old Coating of Snow

A good old coating of Snow...

Snow, despite the obvious dangers and chill factor, has a way of coating the world with optimism and a sense of peace. Open the bedroom curtains to find that sometime during the cold of a blackened night the skies have littered the floor with icy feathers and you can not help but feel hopeful. It swells your chest, a feeling akin to breathing deeply with a menthol sweet in your mouth; refreshing yet somehow shocking with its sensation.

I am a sucker for snow. The falling of it, the laying of it, the slush of it; all of it. I love snowman and frozen angels. Hats, scarves, bundling up in an effort to give Jack an extra challenge. Not a year goes by that I do not wonder at snow, a fluke atmospheric phenomenon which for some parts of the world is nothing special at all. To me it’s special. To me its being a kid again and remembering what it was once like to be liberated at the sight of solidified rain. Easily pleased? Perhaps. Innocent? Perhaps that too.

At twenty nine I should think of sliding tires, leaking roofs and frozen pipes. At twenty nine I should know better than to keep believing that snow can cleanse my soul. Yet at twenty nine I still grin, I still hop on frozen feet with excitement and I still mentally pick out my carrot and pieces of coal. I won’t change; snow won’t change, so as long as I can fling back my curtains and not be disappointed I dare anyone to tackle my point of view.

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