Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Poem - Love At First Sight

Look around, don’t focus; too late,
Overwhelmed, halt, stop, axis shifted.
Visions, ghosts; whispers ‘this is it’; life,
Erratic heart, breath, function; calm no more.

All you felt, pales, only this moment,
This time, this person, this momentous glance.

Frozen still yet with fateful vibrations, shiver,
Inability to break eyes, once met are glued.
Realisation this is half; this is your soul,
Sudden, inevitable; heart swells, tentative love glows.
To touch would undo, unravel, tip over,

Somehow resisting, somewhere a pull too great, can’t stop.
Imagination fuelled, over worked as distance is eased,
Graze of skin, electricity; two alone in all existence.
Heed life, take note, take hold, grasp tight; wonder,
Take the deepest of breaths; same again you will never be.

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