Sunday, 24 January 2010

Diary - Janaury 15th to 21st 2010

Diary – Jan 15th to 21st

This week has been about three things…
1. A 30th birthday party and all that came with it
2. Ikea and all the came home with us
3. Old faces returning to old places for a new stint and the problems that come with that.

I am quite proud of myself this week. When faced with two children and two impending bumps (within arms reach) I didn’t turn into a complete and utter blubbering wreck. Instead I focused my maternal longings on to a dog the size of a horse, well not quite a horse but a Shetland Pony would definitely be dwarfed. Nero, great big fluffy idiot that you are, you saved me. I hope you loved the steak I snuck you. :)

I also had a headache for three days which morphed itself into a sore throat and a nasty taste before ending up as a bit of a cold. Felt like crap but to be honest I didn’t have the energy to feel like crap so I got over it PDQ. That’s pretty damn quick by the way. I have a manager who says it, I also have an imagination that wants to slap him for it.

My purchases this week have included Ikea shelving which looks fabulous if yet somewhat empty, some exciting new brassieres which due to my only adequate proportions look somewhat empty (ha ha) and OneRepublic’s new album which is amazing… no emptiness there at all.

And I ask… the people who have recently returned into my line of sight; be gentle with this heart of mine for made of stone it isn’t.

Next week… I am going to be lustful and attempt to enjoy myself.

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