Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Musings - Ice Day

I am not at work today. Ice Day.

Thank you Calderdale College; I prefer vegitating to risking life, limb and vehicle. Instead I am curled on the sofa absorbing warmth from the laptop.

From my cosy view point I just watched a woman go oopsy daisy splat right outside the house. I think her pride was hurt more than her ample bottom but she got up, soldiered on, not even noticing me chuckling from the living room window. I am so going to hell but at least I won't be lonely; my Mum will be down there, she'd have laughed too.

When I got the call to abandon my journey I had high hopes of being productive... housework, NVQ, Wii Fit, writing... I ended up blogging. I ended up reading the blogs of others too and I am impressed. Can people really be that tortured? Witty? Happy? I guess my answer is to read on.

But not right now... housework, NVQ, Wii Fit, writing... calls. I guess it is better than the reports that I would otherwise be doing?

I think the husband can make me a cup of tea. No milk, no sugar. Pint pot please.

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