Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Poem - Hope Hidden

Daily wakening, sigh, here more once again,
Reach for dreams, fading fast are almost gone,
Ever conscious as day starts, fails prematurely, doomed,
All dark as bottom dwelling, sludge of the heartbroken,
Moved only by an empathic whisper, sssh,
Imagine green, gold, ‘cast thy nighted colour off’,
Noise loud, unclear among the fog of uncertainty,
Grasp hold for only self, inner, can affect...

Overtly out of hidden depths is life, subtle, true,
Upholding all aspirations, guarding heart’s pledge,
Today will be that day, accomplishing.

Leave behind those ills; negativity, doubt, anger,
Open faucets of excited envy,
Upward glancing, an almost prayer, pleading,
Dare to dream out loud, focused, hope withstanding fear.

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