Monday, 14 May 2012

Musings - Struggling...

Not since trying to tackle Peake have I found a book that I just can not get along with... 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is doing my nut.

I love reading, I read fast and practically absorb the words from the page but E L James' trilogy of romantic (cough) porn just isn't doing it (cough) for me.

It is repetitive, I dislike both the main characters and I am dreading the page where they return to this red room of pain. If Ana says 'oh... my', 'holy crap' or the word 'there' in relation to her womanly parts is written in italics one more time I am gonna scream. And it won't be a pleasurable scream because being flogged is not something that turns me on. And that is what reading this book feels like... Self punishment.

Sigh. But I am half way through now. I don't know if this means I should stop because I have gotten this far and it hasn't gotten any better or if I should carry on because I might as well as now.

And there are two more books! Which I bought because I was oh so stupidly attracted to the cover!

Advise me please... Stop or carry on? :) xx

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