Sunday, 13 May 2012

DIARY - 7th May to 13th May 2012

This week has been about three things… 1. Unfolding the Conspiracy,
2. Sending a strongly worded email to a useless company,
3. Eating crap even though I have tried not to.

Monday was spent in a combination of family gatherings, travel and falling knackered in to bed. Bank holidays are great but I always end up feeling a lot more tired than if I had just spent the time at work. It was great to see the little nephew though; it makes my day that he loves books and is charging full steam ahead with his reading skills. It even inspired my to purchase a little something for him but sssh it’s a secret.

Tuesday was my second taster night at the slimming group. People made some delicious food and it is fabulous to think that every bit of it was really healthy. I made a cheesy tuna pasta bake and came home with an empty oven dish which is always a good sign ha ha. For the next few nights I continued to get my cook on but if you scroll back a couple of posts you can read all about what I made.

Mid week I uncharacteristically got furious. I ordered something weeks ago that failed to arrive. I rang the company twice, a week apart, to be told that my order would be dispatched within 24 hours (both times). When another week went by I rang again only to be told this time that the item had never been in stock in the first place. How ridiculous is that! I won’t tell you who the company is, but if I don’t receive a response to my email of complaint by next Friday I will be bitching in full swing on here for all to see.

Friday I finally finished the Conspiracy 365 Books. I felt like I had achieved something and a little sad that I had finished the twelfth book and that there would be no more. Cal Ormond was an exceptional character, even for young adult fiction. How an author managed to keep the suspense and thrill going for over 2000 words shows real talent. Please read the books, then when you love them, recommend them to everyone that you know.

The weekend involved the usual pub lunch and then today saw my husband and my father disappear to a Landrover show; so we three generations of girls went on a shopping spree to Huddersfield stopping off at the Stadium Way Pizza Hut for the unlimited salad. While I love lazy Sundays I love productive ones even more.

And that is about it, dull huh?

My advice for next week… if you decide to read ‘Fifty shades…’ be warned it’s a shocker.

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