Sunday, 27 May 2012

DIARY - 21st May to 27th May 2012

This week has been about three things…
1. Not being in work on the most glorious week for weather this country has seen for years,
2. Eating far too much and feeling the podge of it,
3. Drooling over The Efron.

The husband and I have not been at work this week. We have taken a holiday but not actually gone on holiday, though we have filled our week…

Monday I dragged man and babe to Ikea where I measured and priced up a whole new range of bedroom furniture for our master bedroom. I decided once I got home that the stuff we had looked fine and we didn’t need to waste the money so we are just going to decorate instead and give the room a facelift. After Ikea we went to Toys R us, Katharine was in heaven as you can imagine. We didn’t come back with anything though, nothing really jumped out at her. Back home I sorted all the clothing out that I don’t even look at and put it all in bin liners for the charity recycling bins. It was very therapeutic.

Thursday we packed our picnic basket and blanket, layered on our sun cream and hit the beach. As I detailed earlier in the week, Bridlington is only a couple of hours away. We had a fantastic day, Rohan was able to bounce about in the sea and even Katharine did a bit of splashing. We had ice cream, avoided seagulls and walked along the promenade. It felt like we had been on holiday even though it was only for the day.

Friday we picnicked at the park with Auntie Noisy before heading to Manchester to stuff our faces at the Red Hot World Buffet. Due to traffic and motorway accidents, however, it took two hours to do a 38 mile journey. The thirty different puddings just about made up for the hassle.

And the weekend saw me visit the cinema twice! Saturday was to see the latest adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel. ‘The Lucky One’ saw Zac Efron as an ex marine trying to find a woman whose photograph had kept him safe during his tours of war. It was a warm, emotional film that made you feel like you had just watched something amazing. Zac Efron is really coming into his own, he is fast becoming an exceptional actor. It doesn’t hurt that he is absolutely beautiful to look at either, ha ha. Sunday, for our sixth wedding anniversary, we went to see Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. It was so awful that Kieran fell asleep and I came out with a renewed dislike of all things TB and his need to keep his wife in the business.

My advice for next week… if the sun is shining, stay inside!

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