Sunday, 6 May 2012

DIARY - 39th April to 6th May 2012

This week has been about three things…
1. Realising that some people take joy in figuratively tripping you up,
2. The Alhambra Theatre is an entertaining place to be,
3. Finally, I get to December!

This week has unfortunately revolved around one thing… Interviewing and the drama that came with it. I can’t go in to too much detail, unlike some I am more professional than that, but let’s just say that I have been on an emotional rollercoaster. All we wanted in our team was an Apprentice but anyone would think that I was on the interview panel for a new world ruler. The interviews themselves were on Tuesday but the fall out of ‘all the things I (supposedly) did wrong’ flowed all the way to Friday.

Friday… which saw me in tears of anger and frustration. Sigh.

I love going to work which means I REALLY dislike those people who make it hard for me to get out of the car when I reach the car park. Said person better watch out though, I am fiercer than I look and we all know I am a fan of the UFC. :)

(That is all I want to say about the working week… I am sorry, its such a cop out but I don’t want to simply be a tale of woe.)

Saturday we fulfilled the May section of our Year of Adventure. We caught the train (my favourite mode of transport at the moment) to Bradford to visit the theatre and enjoy a jolly good rendition of the musical ‘Blood Brothers’. I gave you more detail in yesterday’s post so I will try not to repeat myself but it was a fantastic afternoon spent. I really think I could get a taste for this theatre lark, but back stage of course. I could make the coffee, I am Barista trained you know, ha ha.

Today we journeyed to Stafford to visit the in-laws and as the weather stayed fine we went out for the day to visit a garden centre that has animals of the furry, reptilian and fishy variety for Katharine have a look at. On the way down, during the ninety mile drive, I was able to read all the way through the November book of the Conspiracy 365 set and finally started reading December. I have really loved reading them and readily recommend them but I have bought one of the Shades of Grey set and I can’t wait to start it.

My advice for next week… don’t let the B%$%^ards get you down! :) xx

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