Thursday, 31 May 2012

Musings - Mama Kat's Workshop (31st May 2012)

I decided to join in with Mama Kat's Writing Workshop this week; as I have limited time these days I only post a prompt if it is about something I know will entertain me to write and hopefully entertain you to read.

The prompt that I chose put a grin on my face from the start... If you had to choose a Disney Princess to spend the rest of your life as... which Princess would it be and why?

Being a blonde you are probably thinking Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella but I don't so much like needles and domestic goddess I am not. I can't swim so Ariel is out and while I live with Sneezy, Grumpy and Dopey I never really felt a connection to old Snow. I know very little about all the new Princesses and I am guessing I have missed out some of the important classics but that doesn't really matter as for me... the only one to be is...


I know, I know... technically she is not a Princess but the week after the movie ends she (I reckon) marries the Princely Beast and gets herself a title.

So here is why...

1. Books - the girl loves them!
2. Sass - she sticks up for herself even when the Beast is being particularly beastly.
3. Furniture - how fantastic would it be to have a talking wardrobe that tells you when 'your bum looks big in that'.
4. Optimism - she genuinely believes that she can get her man to change.
5. Brave - Off she goes to save her father without a second thought.
6. Father - one day that crazy old fool is going to invent something useful and make a fortune.
7. Glam - for an ordinary girl from the village she really cleans up well.
8. Beast - if anyone says they do not have a soft spot for the beast, they lie! He is a hunk. :)
9. Heart - she can see the good in the Beast and fall in love with him.
10. Story - out of all the Princesses I think that Belle has the most realistic tale, metaphorically speaking.

I'm right, you know... she is the best. I could live her life and not get tired of it.

And let's face it, with hair that only reaches to my jawline, a Prince would have to bring his own climbing equipment to scale my tower. :)


  1. So funny! Great job of listing the reasons too!

  2. Loved it! Well done! Such a sweet post...put a smile on my Thursday.

    Nicki G. The Blissful Wife

  3. I loved Belle too! The books, the singing I wish I could do, the French countryside, the baguettes, the Beast who is really nice and loving on the inside. Sounds like a charmed life!

  4. I did love that Belle fell for the Beast when he was still pretty beastly looking. That girl is real. For an animated princess.

  5. I love it that Belle fell for the Beast while he was still beastly looking and not perfect. She looked at his heart. Love her for that.

  6. lol I love the reasons you detailed for being Belle! I think I relate to her the most as well!


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