Monday, 18 June 2012

Musings - PART 6 Year of Adventure...

We are now half way through our YEAR OF ADVENTURE! Can you believe it!

Today we went to see Boyce Avenue at the 02 Academy in Leeds. When they have been over in the UK the last couple of years I have either been pregnant or toting a new born so I have missed them. But this time round I made sure I got the tickets bought early and we even made it a notch on our YOA.

As usual I took a lot of photographs and videos but this time I was using my nifty little Olympics Camcorder. Watching them back I clearly need more help with keeping my hand steady but for a first try I did okay.

The first support act was Alex Goot, a young man who sang and entertained and who I ultimately started following on twitter. The second was the amazing and very charming Tyler Hilton, who some of you will know as Chris Keller in the TV show 'One Tree Hill'. He was fantastic!!!

Boyce Avenue when they came on were great as I expected but it was a shame they didn't play the cover songs they were famous for and at one point they sang a song about some dead friend which just made the room feel awkward. But I am glad I saw them, it is not every day that you can say that you saw a YouTube phenomenon in the flesh.

Anyway, here are some of the photos that I took... enjoy! :) xx

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