Saturday, 23 June 2012

Musings - Caught my eye...

Today I decided to capture some photographs of things that caught my eye. Completely random things, things I was not looking for but which stood out long enough for me to document it.

So here goes...

The CDs piled up in the door pocket of my car. I have an iPod and a Creative Zen but nothing beats having the ability to change tracks on a CD using the easy buttons on my steering wheel. :)

Usually from this angle of the bridge you can't really see the water, which just goes to show how much rain actually fell yesterday.

It's National Market Day in our town centre which means that there were around fifty stalls selling all sorts of exciting foods and crafts. These meringues jumped out at me as they were the size of Katharine's head.

And finally we have some stunning architecture in Halifax that you could miss out on completely unless you take the time to stop and look. While stood in the pedestrian traffic of the market I spotted this beautiful ceiling that I have never seen before.

I set myself this challenge and it has made me realise that while I look I never actually see! I will definitely try this again.

What about you, what would you photograph? :) xx

- Posted on the move...

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful set of photos, and those yummy meringues sure caught our eyes, LOL! ;D
    The last shot has a great POV and lovely tones. :)
    Have a happy summer.
    Greetings from Finland and Scotland.


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