Sunday, 3 June 2012

DIARY - 28th May to 3rd June 2012

This week has been about three things…
1. Being back at work and being worn out by it,
2. Continuing with Blue Bloods and falling a little for Danny Reagan,
3. Dealing with a badly blistering arm.

Being back at work I expected to have to sort out some drama and a huge back log of emails. I didn’t! Things ran smoothly while I was away, I would like to think due to my fore planning ha ha. It did however mean that this week flowed at a deathly pace and by Friday my eyes were red rimmed from being utterly knackered.

I had put on weight this week, at the slimming weigh in, but that was to be expected after our eating routine was so disrupted and, quite frankly, naughty last week. In some ways I think a lb increase is me getting off lightly. At the class we made plans about our Jubilee Party for the week after, I must remember to make something exciting to take.

Wednesday I was forced to visit the pharmacy. The sun burnt shoulder I mentioned last week has gotten pretty inflamed and blistered. They were so helpful though, I didn’t get the telling off I had expected and the Calamine lotion that they sold me has worked absolute wonders. I made a promise to myself that during the next freak bout of good weather I will keep my coat on, ha ha.

Thursday and Friday I struck up an entertaining email conversation with a drummer, a strawberry blonde drummer at that. I love it when someone enters your life, even for a brief time, and makes you chuckle with every sentence that they throw at you. I firmly believe that part of who we are is due to the sum of our encounters. This one has taught me that even behind angry themed drumming can lay the heart of someone who loves a good cheesy ‘80s power ballad.

The weekend has been spent in a lazy fashion of pyjama clad TV watching and a stroll around the town. We watched ‘The Help’ on Saturday night, fantastic film, nice to see Chris Lowell popping up in something again.

My advice for next week… remember, stalking is illegal!

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