Thursday, 14 June 2012

Musings - Mama Kat's Workshop (14th June 2012)

The babe is in bed, the dog is on its back, the husband is on the phone so I have decided to visit with

And this week I have chosen prompt 5.) Share something mean someone said to you once, why has it stuck with you after all these years.

My story goes back six and a half years, back to when I was a Miss rather than a Mrs and I was looking for the ultimate outfit... My wedding dress.

There is a dress shop which I had to drive past three or four times a week and I had always vowed that I would start my search there.

Now I know I am not built like Keira Knightley but then neither am I a doppelgänger of Brock Lesner...

But when I walked into that shop with one of my bridesmaids and smilingly said that I would like to look at wedding dresses the woman looked at me, pursed her lips in disgust and said...

"Hmm, you're broad."

What???? That is how you great customers, young woman excited and blooming with the promise of a magical day????

We were so flabbergasted that we merely followed her into the changing room where she started to bring dresses that she figured would fit my horrific frame.

The dresses were a mixture of ugly and pretty, frilly and sleek and when trying on one of the more fitted versions the idiot woman turned to me in complete surprise and said...

"Oh, you dooooo have a waist!"

How utterly utterly mean!!

Needless to say I did not buy a dress from that shop but did so from a lovely woman in another village who made me feel like I was special, made me feel like a bride!

And see... I don't look that hideous do I?

:) xx

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  1. Isn't it amazing that those kind of people still have jobs!? You look marvelous - not broad, not too big...just right! I am SO glad you didn't buy from that store - and that you found someone who was kind and helpful!

  2. What a horrid woman! How is she even employed? I would have complained about her. I am also glad you didn't give them your money. You look beautiful!

  3. It amazes me, after working in retail for years, that people keep associates like that. You were a better person than I because I probably would have walked out the door after the comment about you being 'broad'... RUDE! And honestly- you look Wonderful!

    Feel free to stop by sometime!



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