Sunday, 10 June 2012

DIARY - 4th to 10th June 2012

This week has been about three things…
1. Working only four hours what with holidays and the bug,
2. Yeah, catching a bug from the daughter,
3. Jubilee on ITV.

On Monday we had plans for the seaside, the weather was perfect for it, but as Katharine had spent several hours during the night emptying her stomach over everyone and everything we figured a two hour car journey might not be the wisest option for entertaining ourselves. Instead we went to the folks for some relaxing fun.

Tuesday was the Queen’s jubilee which we watched in and amongst the cake baking. If you look back over this week’s posts you can see a few photographs on just how fantastic (hmm) our chocolate and fondant wonder turned out. I have never used a whole jar of jam for the filling of a cake before ha ha. Almost a week later, no matter where I am, if I think of all that red white and blue fondant I get a sugar high. I fear that due to the wonder of my airtight container we will be eating it for weeks.

Wednesday was one of my scheduled holidays and I spent all of it with Katharine and Rohan. We read our books, played our games, watched Humphrey on the TV and had a good old bond. I don’t get to spend big batches of time with the offspring nowadays but I think that is what made our Wednesday even more special. I was knackered though, the girl has some energy!

Thursday and Friday had the drama of ‘The Bug’. Both the husband and I finally caught it which meant time of work and our house was turned into a vile seething (okay I am exaggerating) germ factory. I haven’t felt that rough since morning sickness but then again I quite enjoying my morning sickness as I had waited long enough to experience it ha ha.

And so we got to the weekend which involved the usual pub run but this time with the added frantic search for befitting Father’s Day presents. Why is it that since having Katharine these special occasions seem to suddenly appear from nowhere? Even though they are the same time each year? I am officially an unorganised woman! Blah.

Sunday I read The Lucky One. All of it. I could not put it down.. well, until near the end when I was sobbing so much I needed a break. Sigh. I wish I could write like Nicholas Sparks. I wish I had that kind of depth of character, both myself and the ones I create. Must try harder!

My advice for next week… Squeeze a Dad, any Dad but preferably yours. :) xx

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