Saturday, 8 October 2011

Musings - Solemn Sassoon

Yesterday I spoke about buying cheap books. One of them arrived today, 'The War Poems' by Siegfried Sassoon, and as we are travelling down to Stafford to see the new baby I thought that I would bring it with me.

It is a very powerful book, even more so I think because I have known soldiers and my family has lost soldiers.

Usually when I buy poetry I look through the titles and read at random but today I decided to start from the beginning. I don't know if this book has Sassoon's poems in chronological order but still I am going to stick with the start to finish method. And with the first poem I have not been disappointed...

"War is our scourge, yet war has made us wise,
And, fighting for our freedom, we are free."

I don't know about you but something about those two lines swells something in my chest.

For those out there fighting for my freedom, I thank you.

:) xx

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