Thursday, 20 October 2011

Musings - Mama Kat's Workshop (20th October 2011)

Mama Kat has this week challenged us to compile a list of 22 things that we have never done.

So here is my list... :)

22 Things I have never done.

1. Been to Buckingham Palace to visit the Queen.

2. Had a real piano lesson even though I really wanted to learn.

3. Made my own Sushi from scratch.

4. Swum in the Ocean. I have stood but never moved horizontal through the waves.

5. Watched all 24 eisodes of a season of the tv show 24 in a 24 hour back to back marathon.

6. Sung Karoke drunk, sober or even in my sleep.

7. Gone through my Facebook friends and culled any unnecessary contacts.

8. Been to America and visited Arlington Cemetery to pay my respects.

9. Completely filled a notebook before starting another.

10. Owned a Hamster.

11. Bought shoes online due to my oddly narrow feet.

12. Finished 'Gone With The Wind' no matter how mant times I try to read it.

13. Thrown out my New Kids On The Block Joey McIntyre doll.

14. Fired a bow and arrow, you know, Robin Hood style.

15. Eaten a at restaurant where the prices are missing from the menu.

16. Bungee jumped from a high bridge in Africa.

17. Painted my finger nails with black nail polish.

18. Made my own soap from a soap making kit.

19. Been an extra in a television show or movie.
20. Understood the off side rule or truly wanted to.

21. Grown my own potatoes.

22. Fully embraced the blogging world and tried all that I can to be read by the masses.

Gosh! That was really hard!

:) xx

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  1. Of your entire list, I've only done 11 and 12. I keep thinking the narrow means narrow and it never does (but I never give up). And 12 -- it was high school. I enjoyed it though.

  2. There are so many movies/shows filming in our area right now, it seriously wouldn't take much to get on one. Every day I hear a new casting opportunity on the radio. Did I mention I live in GEORGIA? Come on over! Be on t.v.!


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