Friday, 7 October 2011

Musings - New addiction...

Sometimes I curse my iPhone.

Not because it isn't an amazing piece of technology because it is... too amazing in fact. You see, I have downloaded the Amazon app.

The book addict made it even easier to fuel her addiction... you see what I am getting at?

I am currently obsessed with the second hand book shop section of the app. You know the bit where it tells you that you can get your products for this and that in price in this and that condition?

I am even branching out from books! This week I have bought 4 books, 2 DVDs, some finger puppets and a jigsaw.

I will be bankrupt, okay it will take me a while as everything is about £2 but if I spend that every day it's gonna add up.

I don't think it helps that they make it so easy. Once I find what I am looking for it takes about a minute to finalise my purchase. I love it...too much in fact.

But when you can get Edtv for £1.27 then why the heck not.

:) xx

Ps. What is your new addiction?

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