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Musings - Mama Kat's Workshop (13th October 2011)

A list if ten things you should never ask your spouse.

So far I only have the one spouse, the current Mr. as I like to refer to him, so my list of ten never to ask questions comes from the single source of an eleven year relationship (five of those married). My list therefore, while I hope humorous to myself and those reading might not necessarily be to the other half because let's face it, he is gonna know it's all about him.

But he can suck it up!
You never know... He might learn something. :)

So without further ado...

1. Do you really need to be doing that right this second?
In relation to fiddling with vehicle parts that have arrived through the post when there is a ton of more important things that could be being undertaken... Like feeding the baby! Saying hello to the wife! Anything! Usually when I ask this I get lectured.

2. Can I ask the boyfriend and get back to you?
For some reason while I have been on maternity leave Kieran thinks I have a secret boyfriend who takes up my time as 'nothing seems to get done' around the house while he is at work. One day I might just call his bluff. I figure being in my thirties means I am fully entitled to take on a toy boy.

3. Kieran, you know how supermarket car parks are notorious for getting you car bumped?
Oops, this comes from only having my new car three weeks before some wally bashed it. Kieran was not best pleased but I bet he secretly loved that it was on my watch.

4. Do you like my hair cut?
Like most women who find a haircut they love I stick with it for a while but as these like minded women know each cut with always be a slight variation on the last. Kieran hates me asking about my hair as he always feels like this is one of those questions that is gonna trap him into always giving a wrong answer. I say just tell me it looks nice before I have to ask and I won't say a word! :)

5. Do your parents have to come?
:) I am going to get in to trouble for that one!

6. Can we just pop to...?
Like most husbands mine hates shopping. Or rather he hates my kind of shopping in my kind of shops as it means ambling for hours yet still coming home empty handed. So the second I say can we just pop to... he gets a resigned look on his face that let's me know I am in for the company of a sulking male.

7. Can I buy our six month old daughter a High School Musical t-shirt?
Yeah, he dreads the day that I get to warp our Katharine with popular culture. I do so love to tease him with it though. :)

8. Don't you think Hugh Jackman is hot?
Well he is! It's not my fault the man is a fine specimen ha ha. :)

9. So you didn't pay any attention to all my hinting, huh?
For an entire month before birthdays and Christmases I hint about what he can get me. I make it so easy for him but something happens between my mouth to his ears to his brain... he always gets me something different. Don't get me wrong, the presents he gets are always lovely... It's just... I have been waiting a year for a Hootie and the Blowfish album! But to ask seems to mean I am ungrateful. Tut. Sigh. :)

10. Can you adjust your tone!?
I don't know about yours but husbands I have come across seem to be unaware that they are talking to you like you are either completely stupid or the biggest nuisance ever encountered. The reigning Mr in our household hates to be called on it. Don't do it I say then I won't need to point it out. Tut.

If fairness to husbands around the world I do fear that they live in our world knowing that they are never going to win, will never be right and may well end up being the topic for ridicule on a public blogging forum.

My spouse isn't all bad I suppose. He might turn into every one of the seven dwarves over the course of twenty four hours but I am quite happy to be his Snow White. :)

Loves ya Fuzz! :) xx

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  1. Oh gosh, you are so right on #9 and 10! Spot-on!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's, and now am your newest follower :)

  2. lol...these are so funny...catch myself doing a few of them despite my best efforts not to waste my breath.

    hi from mks

  3. NUMBER NINE!!! NUMBER NINE!!! I make hints, lists, text him picture messages... NOTHING. I get the most off the wall things for Christmas/Birthday and he never wraps any of it. Where's the Christmas/Birthday joy!??!? Good thing our Husbands are cute and have other good qualities or else they'd be TOAST.

  4. I always give hints. Actually I am SO EASY to buy for...yet The Husband always seems to have trouble with it.


    visiting from Mama Kat


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