Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Snippet - Away game...

Recently I have been blogging on the go, usually from the master bedroom while I am straightening my hair or from the nursery while Katharine necks a pint of milk.

I am in training.

At the end of September we are heading out on holiday. The Isle of Anglesey is to be our destination, for those of you who are not sure where that is let's just say that this is the home of Prince William and his new bride. :) Anyway, we are going for a week which means that the amount of stuff we are going to have to take for a family of three plus a furry one is going to fill the car to the brim.

Which means that somethings are going to be left behind, no not the husband, ha ha... my laptop. There isn't even going to be room for Netty the pink Netbook. So I have taken it upon myself to practice with the alternative option... my iPhone.

So over the next couple of weeks if my spelling is off, the justification just not quite right and the photos a little unpolished remember I am somewhere on the curve of learning and will be perfect in time.

:) xx

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