Thursday, 8 September 2011

Musings - Mama Kat's Workshop (8th September 2011)

I am finding it hard to choose a writing prompt today. In all the time I have been visiting Mama Kat this has only happened once before. It's not that I don't have things to write, at the moment I have never been more inspired, it is more that I do not have anything adequate to say about any of the prompts.

I have never shoved anyone, not that I can remember doing anyway and as I am determined to keep this blog honest I didn't want to make up some story about me getting all UFC on some one's ass. Though I know that if it came to it, I definitely have a protective streak that would happily do a little shoving to protect mine and theirs.

As for first day of school and a summer recap, with Katharine only being little we have no stories yet to tell. And as our summer has been torrential rain... we have spent most of the time in side.

And of course my blog is full of hoarding stories so that would have been far too easy.

I toyed with the idea of sharing my 911 memories, of how being in the UK I was forced to watch everything from afar on the TV, feeling shocked and emotional... but then via email feed I read this post this morning Adventure's in Blogging: A future Nurse and NEW Dad!!!. I love reading Jim's posts and today he made me cry as I read his 911 memories.

I realised that it would be wrong of me to try and write about my vague memories of another Countries pain. So today, click on the link above and read what Jim wrote.

:) xx

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. What a wonderful post - thank you for sharing it. I have written about 9/11 from the UK and you're right - it isn't the same at all.

  2. Thanks for sharing your spotlight. I will go check him out. Stopping by from Mama Kats.

  3. I appreciate your honesty - although Mama Kat's topics are awesome, some weeks are definitely harder than others. Enjoyed finding your blog this morning!

  4. I'm new to Mama Kat's weekly writing prompts - this is my first week. Way to be honest about not having much to say about any of her prompts! :)

  5. I also find it hard to relate to some of the writing chose an excellent way to fill in. I had already ran across the post you highlighted..I felt like crying when reading it too.
    hi from MK's

  6. Thanks for sharing his link, otherwise I might have missed it.

    I always want to participate in MamaKat's Writer's Workshop, but my blog topics are so particular that I can't just choose any of them (sometimes this is very annoying for me). So, I've only gotten to participate a few times.

    I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog via her site.

  7. I read that this morning. Such a sad day for our country. I hope your fall is full of more sunshine than your summer! :) Stopped by from WW.

  8. Can we have some of your rain, please? We're parched down here in Texas!

  9. Another great post... and not just because you gave me the great honor of being linked within your post! I feel very happy and honored to have been linked as I have been a subscriber to your blog for quite a few months and look forward to your posts in the future!


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